Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That Time Of Year Again......

No-NOT the annoying holiday music time (that wouldn't be annoying but enjoyable if it were played at an appropriate time), but the appearance of the simple and wonderful pomegranate. For the next three to four months they will be available at my local market. For those of you who have not tried these awesome edibles, I challenge you to pick one up. Now I know the first time you bring one home it is a bit daunting. Here you are all excited. You sit it on the counter. Hmm how does one eat a pomegranate? You may decide to cut one open. Well now this is a bit of a mess isn't it? "Is the whole thing edible?" you ask yourself. I am here for you dear friend. Get a bowl of cool water. Cut both ends off of the pomegranate. Now score from end to end (like a beach ball) around the fruit. You don't have to go too deep about 1/4" or so. Holding the fruit over the bowl of water pull it apart and you will see the exposed seeds. Gently "rub" them off of the white membrane. Get as much of the seeds as you can. Discard the skin and membrane. Most of the seeds will sink and any membrane pieces will float. So skim off as much white as you can and then pour pomegranate seeds and water into a strainer. Transfer seeds to a bowl. Grab a spoon. Enjoy!
p.s. all the juice is in the seeds which are easily "popable" so don't perform this on your favorite antique white linen table cloth as the juice will stain.


  1. I haven't had a pomegranate since college...sad, but I plan to change that. I remember what an awesome experience trying that foreign fruit was, so many years ago. You offered an "awesome experience" wih the video of Elizabeth Gilbert! It knocked my socks off! So much to think about...thanks for that and for visiting my blog!

  2. Oh yes you must you'll wonder why you've waited so long! Well, maybe it has something to do with the mess factor. I had one yesterday and did it all "neat like", and I still had juice splatters all down the front of my shirt - which was off white - but not now. Sigh. Stained clothes are part of my charm.
    I love that video too! Sorry to say I don't know who directed me to it though. Actually I think it's about time for another viewing-maybe tomorrow with the java-hazelnut of course:D

  3. Amazingly enough, I bought a pair of pomegranates tonight. They just looked yummy!

  4. They do have a "look" don't they? I think they make beautiful subject matter for a still life too. Zoom in on the little stem piece and there is a whole little world of seedlike, poddy grassy thingys!