Monday, November 9, 2009

My Little Ancient Moderns

So one of my new favorite books (as indicated in the list to the right) is Ancient Modern by Ronna Sarvas Weltman. Last week when I didn't sleep because Mr. P&P was in Japan, I attempted to create one of Ronna's "assignments". I am not unhappy with them. I hadn't played with polymer in years. This time I tried shoe polish-couldn't find Future floor polish - to finish. Ok I guess, kind of splotchy, but kind of works given the "dug up" look I was kind of going for..... I would like to try the floor polish I think. Also, I tried the cornstarch peanuts in the center. I really like the organic shapes because of it. I am wondering about the complete disintegration of them though - how do I know if there is anything left in there and will it get moldy in there if so. Is cornstarch an attraction for anything alive? Should I expect mice or moths to follow me around if I string these?


  1. i really think those are cool! in fact i thought to myself, oh here we go. bead porn and i can't even buy these, what are these cool new beads! You've tempted me!

  2. Cool! Positive reinforcement- I shall keep going then!!! Thank you:D