Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Tag Said White Turquoise

Well here we go - my latest. I am happy with it so yaaayyy:) Now, I am calling this White Turquoise because that is what they called it at the bead shop. If I was looking at an unidentified strand I may quess it to be Howlite or Magnesite because the veining is more brown than black. Which ever stone it may be, I think it is quite fabulous. Like pralines 'n' cream.
So, I am also quite excited because I purchased some glorious lampwork beads from Sky Valley Beads. (I'll post when they come -they're gorgeous) But, if you are curious and can't wait they click here and see them on one of my favorites pages.
I love doing treasuries. My latest one features a bead from Lisa Peters (Aren't I just the linky little thing today). It's actually a connector. I love it. I might have to have it. But anyway, I was reading her shop announcement and clicked on over to her Flickr pages. Wow! I really love her cobalt and earthenware (don't know if this is correct terminology or not) pendants and connectors. I don't really know how to work Flickr. I did notice these little square thingys that seemed to float over certain images and showed who wanted what. Lorelei, if you're reading this-Somebody beat me to 'em!:)


  1. he he he!! SORRY!!
    To add a note to a flickr pic, there is a little link just above each pic that says Add to Favorites, Add a Note= click that and move the square box over the piece in the pic you want and then type a message into the box.

  2. I love the pralines and cream necklace!!! Actually, I also love the cobalt piece too, but name anything cookies, candy or ice cream and I'm hooked! :) By the way, thanks so much for the great idea of earrings with the sparkly puff-balls!! :) Love it!

  3. Love this necklace too. It is so elegant with these beautiful white turquoise. Love the links too, did you make them by yourself ?
    Great work.


  4. Thank you! I did not make the links - I believe this is a chain that I picked up at Michaels. I just cut open the links as I needed:D