Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Little Swallowtail

Here she is my little Swallowtail Butterfly bracelet finished at the very last minute for Silver Parrot's Buggy Bracelet Challenge. I have to admit though, I love the colors in that caterpillar, and I spent most of last week trying to get that just right. Pulled out the polymer clay and came up with some beads I am not unhappy with. But they won't work for the little guy. So last night I dug through my drawers and found the beads that I thought were quite complementary to the butterfly. They are Czech glass, seed pearls, mop inlaid bone, sponge coral, vintage lucite, coral, lampwork, a carved resin connector and three little stoneware beads that I actually made this summer:D Sorry about the light. Michigan gets dark about 4:30 these days!


  1. You must have a GREAT stash of beads! This bracelet is gorgeous!

  2. he he he.. See the problem is that I am attracted to a bead and rationalize that I could make something really cool with the intention to give it as a gift or sell it. Well obviously I can't part with them! Must live with them awhile and inevitably I will find them a year or so later (because my sickness is on-going you see)and say "Oh wow I can use this bead-it's perfect!" My solution, when I can afford it, is to buy one for the "project" and one for my hoarding. Oh and Thank You for the compliment Millie:)

  3. I agree - the bracelet is very pretty!