Friday, April 23, 2010

It has been a very crazy week indeed! I did manage to make a pair of earrings for my poor neglected Etsy shop. But only because I am supposed to be painting. The paintings need to be delivered next weekend. They are not all done. And the one I posted the other day? TOTALLY changed it! Why Tari? Why would you do this? you ask. Well now, I asked Mr. Pearl And Pebble (the engineer) his opinion. I love him dearly. I do. But I need to stop asking him his opinion, at least until my back bone gets stronger. So I lost some hours there reworking and reworking. And so I figured, heck, what's a few hours more? I'll make earrings. These lovely little components are from Bellas Beads. I love her findings. And the lucite is always soooo nice. This is the first time I've used the long kidney wires. I like them alot. I tend to wear smaller earrings, so I've been creating smaller earrings. But these are wonderful. Not bulky at all but comfortable and lightweight. There is a reportedly huge Earth Day Fest that starts today. Looking forward to it! The sun is shining beautifully, I just wish it were warmer.


  1. these earrings are soo the bright colors...

    i know i should not go here..but as a painter, the question arises..why rework a nice thing because someone else has a difference of opinion..someone most always will the amount of time it takes to rework a painting one could just do another that's different.

  2. Wonderful! Time well spent, even though you were avoiding painting. Much better to make jewelry than clean or do yardwork or laundry :D

  3. These are beautiful! I love the color combination.

  4. Boy can I relate to your engineer comment, as I am married to one too, who is confident that he knows all about all and isn't shy about expressing an opinion. I no longer ask him what he thinks about our handcrafted earrings...

  5. Pretty earrings...very summery!!!

    I would never ask my husband what he thinks of what I make/paint/draw, he isn't in anyway artistically inclined...:0), my son or daughter maybe..they will be honest with me even if we don't agree!!!!!!
    Besides I loved your painting, it didn't need any reworking...