Monday, April 26, 2010

Village People

We have a pottery studio in town where one can purchase clay and studio time and have the work fired. I know I have mentioned it, but last summer I got a kiln for my birthday. It is a small one, but it will fire to cone 10 if I want to use it for ceramics. My primary intentention was to use it for PMC-which I am learning. But anyway, I purchased a month at the studio and ended up with a few beads and these wee people. I love them! I love clay. Of course I don't really know how to do anything with it except mush it up and paint glaze on it. But that's a start right?
What should I call them?


  1. TOO CUTE! I know my Chloe would LOVE them!!! :)

  2. hey these are charming..GO CLAY!!
    there's no need fire to ^10..
    ^6 is just fine for outside and functional things..nowadays there are lots of great commercial glaze available.
    and lowfire ^04 lets you get fabulous bright colors.

  3. these are so adorable! makes me think of when i was little and had a tiny village - a wee village!! :0)
    keep playing - it's how you learn! and by getting input from the amazing people we know from blogger/etsy...

  4. I think they look like Ernie and Stanley.....How cute!! I LOVE all of these pictures~ I started out with an itty bitty kiln (4" x maybe 5") that my husband Bill had a work (he's a middle school art teacher)...I then graduated to a 6 x 6 and then when I decided that I LOVED doing this, I bought myself a doll kiln which is perfect for the amount of time that I have to make and sell beads!

  5. Those made me smile! I can see them wandering through my garden, peeking out from the bushes and hiding behind trees. Very cute!

  6. What sweet little people and creatures.

  7. Good for you...those are so cute!!! I can't wait to see the beads you make!!!

    I've experimenting with Art Clay...I'm not loving it right now...but I will keep at if a bit longer to see what materializes!!! I was considering experimenting with clay to learn more...we will see!

  8. They are so cute! I would call them the Paleolithic people (stone age). Good name?