Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beads, Painting, Beads

My intended submission for BOC's monochromatic design challenge. Based on the color chart though, I am wondering if it will fly or if it would be better suited for the analogous scheme. What do you think?
Signed up for a pastel class at the art center. This was the first still life. Love pastel!
Color is a little washed out on this. I am fascinated with the "landscapes" that emerge when the clay is folded in on itself! I thought this might make an interesting pendant.
Made a couple of little owls. I like this guy the best. His eyes are vintage Swarovski. I was reading my copy of Enchanted Adornments and tried out one of the recipes. Note: If you don't have this book you need to treat yourself.
Pretty happy with this guy! This is one of those cases where what I thought I had in mind just wasn't working - for a good hour. Tried something new as an afterthought and there it was. Reminds me of carved wood or chocolate.
Not sanded or glazed yet.
Nice "little" loot stash arrived from Beads and Pieces. I am VERY Happy with them. These are lovely and perfectly packaged! This is my first order with them and I will definitely shop with them again. I love natural elements!
These are my new Basha Beads from Andrew Thornton. They are a lovely orange/amber/pink/gold - there is a lot of color in these! I love how earthy and tactile they are. The onion shape is my favorite. I think.


  1. beautiful baubles and beads galore!
    love them all
    that landscape of clay is fascinating. makes me want to try my hand at creating my own things...but then i wouldn't have time to use all the wonders that i have stashed away!
    thanks for sharing.
    especially those basha beads. i just made a purchase from andrew and this reminds me that i forgot to put one or two of these in my cart. argh!
    enjoy the day!

  2. Oh've been busy...
    Everything is the bracelet, I don't know about the monochromatic thing, I think it will depend on how the judges see it...
    The pastel is great, it is great fun taking a class...and you even make polymer clay beads, I'm impressed...I think the heart is my favorite...the design is very interesting!

    I've never shopped at Beads and Pieces...will have to check them out!


  3. Thank you Ladies! I think the braclet definitly falls under "analogous" - I think I'll design something a little more uniform in color for the monochromatic piece.

  4. everything is coming out wonderfully! that heart is awesome! i love making mistakes (ok, not all of the time) and have them become more than i had intended in the beginning...

  5. Oh wow, I love everything! That little happy owl is so adorable, I think he wants a hug or something! :)

  6. I especially love your Basha Beads (fascinated with them actually), your owl is adorable and what lovely heart! So many lovely things! Enjoy your day!