Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here is the beginnings of a new oil pastel painting. I sketched it out the other day and today I filled in with Shiva Paintsticks thinned with Galkyd Gel. Next I'll go over with Sennelier oil pastels. The support is a Fredrix canvas board. Everything is a bit experimental at this point. The lines are not in the painting, must be the light.
My "painiting-a-day" has been neglected. We have been sick here and this "head thing" is making me crazy! Really not much energy although It's allowed me to bead a little bit more.
So many things I want to do this year and I am so inspired by everyone. I'm having trouble organizing all my thoughts and frustrated that the year started off putting me behind schedule!
Now, that said, as I was telling a friend the other day, actually I am a "self employed" artist. No seriously I will keep telling myself that. Have too. Positive thinking you know. So being self employed means that I am the boss and I decide on the benefits. So my job you see, offers me two to three weeks vacation, unlimited (legitimate) sick days and a certain amount of personal days-which we are negotiating on at the moment. So really I am OK at this point. Just broke.


  1. I like how you are deciding upon the benefits and negotiating the time off. That's important in helping make sure you don't get burned out in trying to get so much done.

    Wish I could hole up in a corner and watch you paint. I haven't held a paintbrush in so long.

  2. Wow...sounds as though you know what you are talking about when it comes to painting, I like your beginning, I would be happy with just that...I've always felt as though I should be painting, even tried once but wasn't happy with my results...I'm actually taking an online class this month...should be interesting!!!

    I understand about wanting to do so is disruptive when the mind gets so full!!!

    Positive thinking is a must...