Monday, January 4, 2010

So here is the first design using my new beads. TAKES ME FOREVER to make up my mind. I figure if they sell, my hourly wage is about what it was when I was 15 working at the Tastee Freeze way back in 1980 something. Did you know (if you are the same age) our clothes we wore are now vintage? I found this out because when I was working at a resale shop a few years ago, the manager was hanging "one of my dresses" on the vintage rack. Blah, blah, blah....
Anyway, the hang-up was the bead between the lampwork and the leverback. I was originally thinking seed pearl, but that wasn't working. Carnelian did work, but for some reason I couldn't commit. I think because I wanted something smaller, and when I found a chip with the right tones, I couldn't find a mate. I LOVED what happened with amber. The terra cotta tones in these beads are subtle and complex and all sorts of "layers" started to emerge. But size again was the issue. The last little beads I found were these little Czech glass picassos. My last two. I have two more of these beads and I think I might do a matching necklace or bracelet. Or just hoard them.


  1. So pretty, I love the colors in those lampwork beads!

  2. You don't know how long I hoarded these on my bench, just trying to come up with ideas of what to do with these lentils. They received compliments. I heard threats from some that the beads might be missing the next time I came into my studio or that I "better" make something with them. After months with never finding a good combination, I had to sell them. I absolutely LOVE what you did with these beads!

  3. Thank you guys! I hope to post the bracelet later!!!

  4. Love the earrings...those beads are gorgeous!!!

    I understand about making up your mind...I often will spread everything in the color palette I think I want and then choose something completely different???

    I'm vintage never mind my old cloths...