Friday, January 8, 2010

So I added more to the oil pastel today. I tightened up a bit-which I don't know if I like better or not. I also added more color which changed the pallet from basic ultramarine and yellow ochre and made the background turquoise. I'm still not calling it done and I'll probably really trash it, but I need to find out what will happen if I do a few more things to it, namely adding some soft pastel. What I know I know so far is that I DO NOT care for the canvas board as a support. It is rigid enough, but I feel I need something smoother. I am not sure what is causing the "boogers" but I think it might be the canvas surface. Any oil pastelists out there who might know? It could also be the combination of pastel and paintstick. It could be the Galkyd gel with the paintsticks and pastels. As far as the subject matter, I am digging the rocks. I love stones, rocks, sticks, pods, nuts etc. My show is in March which is not that far away and I need to order frames. So I need to make some final decisions by the weekend.


  1. I went back to compare each painting and I find each has it's own appeal...both are wonderful in different ways!!!

    A painter I know told me "if I'm not happy with a painting I should leave it alone... in view...until the mood strikes me" or something to that effect!!! :0)What do I know...nothing...but I would love to learn. I'm going to take lessons with this friend when I can take the time! I signed up for an online drawing/painting class with Misty Mawn starting next week...I'll do a couple of posts once I get started!

    I don't know anything about "boogers" so can't help you there...

  2. That's beautiful!

    One of the things I'm going to be doing this year to broaden my horizons is to take an artistic journaling class, which has watercoloring and such in it. I hope I can do a tiny bit as well!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I'd love to see what you will be creating in your classes. Classes are so wonderful and the older I get the more I enjoy them. It's a shame that college immediately follows high school because I think there is so much more drive and appreciation when when there is some life experience and maturity involved!!