Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A bracelet to compliment the earrings created yesterday. Today's design time was considerably less as a result of all the pairing I did yesterday. I am happy with it and am pleased with how well the kids are playing with each other. I used the remaining lentil beads from Kelley and incorporated another from my special order - the little guy with the vanilla chocolate swirls. This is the bead that matches the one I received in her bead naming contest. It was love at first sight. The colors are really amazing. The browns are really a deep deep amber so there are underlying tones of gold and red. The ivory has an almost mottled effect like slightly burnt sugar. They are silky smooth however and feel wonderfully cool to the touch. I stuck in a few carnelian beads in both brown and orange - L-O-V-E carnelian! I also put in two of my last attempts with polymer clay. I did these when I was trying to figure out my design for the ABS challenge inspired by Dadd's painting. Dangling is a double sided carved resin sunflower and a tiny leopard jasper nugget. Oh and a few swarovski crystals, a smooth wood oval and little seed pearls. Bound and determined to get those pearls in there.


  1. Gorgeous bracelet...I wear a great deal of earthy colors so I often gravitate to those beads as well. This is an earthy piece but with a nice splash of color!