Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh I have just done a naughty naughty thing! I got out of bed and came downstairs and ordered beads. I just couldn't help it. For over a week now I have been lurking around Gardanne's shop. I tucked a few items into my Etsy favorites folder telling myself "you have to produce more with what you have - you just "pigged out" at Kelley's shop." Well now, don't ya just know that today Gardanne posted something fabulously fun for a lucky someone. Check it out. The heart focal she pictured looked soooo close to the ones I had been coveting. I know I sound so childish(?) but I had to buy them before someone else did!!!!! One of the many things I want to do this year is submit something to Stringing Magazine. (My sister-in-law gave me a subscription for Christmas-and the cool vintage bag!) So anyhow, maybe I can rationalize my behavior here somewhat. I mean this is to work towards a goal after all. And then maybe it will be a gift ...... so there self. Go back to bed.


  1. I cross my fingers for you to be choosen by Anne for using her wonderful lampwork beads, they are gorgeous, and i am pretty sure you will make some treasure with them. Good luck.

  2. I'm terrible about ordering beads when I have enough already to open a bead store. At least I had enough restraint not to drive myself to a bead show today!

  3. It is hard to resist buying beads...I do understand!!! Sometimes we deserve a little "gift"!!!

    Good luck with your goal...