Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here is my submission to Art Bead Scene's January challenge. I really loved this one. The challenge is to create a piece of jewelry based on Monet's painting "The Magpie". His impasto looks like frosting to me and I love the subtle shades of blues, golds and white. So for my focal bead I used a stoneware connector bead from Lisa Peters. When I saw the painting I immediately chose this bead as my starting point. The glaze is so yummy and has the same frosted look with soft blue grey and yellow ochre. Deciding on the other beads took me a little longer, but that is always the case and it is the aspect of beading that I love the most. Final answer: citrine(um hum, oh yeah), sterling, peruvian opal, terra jasper, and a few seed pearls. (The light again was inappropriate so maybe I'll try to post a better picture if the sun ever comes out again.)

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