Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dirt Cookies

Before Christmas Mr. Pearl and Pebble and I watched Julie And Julia. I thought the movie was fabulous- Meryl Streep can play anybody! He thought it was OK, but was very impressed with the Beef Bourguignon. Consequently, I received Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, for Christmas. I made the Beef Bourguignon for dinner last night. It turned out wonderfully and I was thrilled. We ate it in front of the tube, watching NCIS reruns. (We call this our "Gibbs Fix".) Anyway, because a man is incapable of enduring a commercial and must control the remote, we flipped to a segment featuring Haiti. The focus at the moment was on dirt cookies which are apparently a main staple. They are as they sound. Dirt and water. Dried in the sun into a big cookie. As I couldn't finish my beef stew and potatoes because I was stuffed, I watched kids eating dried mud. This wasn't a result of the earthquake. I can imagine (actually I can't) that food is even more scarce now. So my little tiny way of trying to help for now, is to donate 50% of each sale in my Etsy shop to the Red Cross. Sue over at Sue Beads kindly posted a link if anybody wants to donate directly. Thanks Sue!


  1. Congratulations on a BB, nicely done...I've never enjoyed cooking but can appreciate those who do it well!!!

    I do think Haiti was finally starting to come around economically...which makes this disaster even more tragic!


  2. I also loved the Julie and Julia movie and have made the beef bourginon (didn't spell that right) successfully. I used to make dirt cookies as a kid when playing bakery in the backyard. I didn't, however, eat them. That is so sad. We donated to doctors with out borders.