Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Never Know Where You May Find Inspiration

We have very hard water here. These are pictures of the calcium buildup inside the tea kettle. It doesn't gross me out anymore because the water boils and is safe, but usually I am annoyed. Today however, I found it to be quite beautiful and could "translate" it into a composition rendered in charcoal, pastel, crayon, using impasto and scrafitto techniques. I mean really there are endless possibilities.


  1. that is the coolest!! it is really beautiful and i am glad you got inspiration from it today... thanks for that - i love seeing things from a different point of view!

  2. When you say what it is it sounds awful...but looking at it is beautiful and would translate nicely into art!!!

    Great should do a comparison post with one of the shots and your composition!

  3. Yes! You really can find inspiration everywhere! Enjoy the day! Erin